Single Ply roofing

Flexible Performance

First steps in a roof restoration project.

The word “Flexion” refers to the act of flexing or bending. That’s exactly what Conklin’s newest single-ply roofing system is designed to accomplish. Conklin’s Flexion provides a tough, yet extremely flexible, 50-mil barrier between you and the elements. The Flexion System’s advanced Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) thermoplastic formulation has been reinforced with Dupont Elvaloy® and a 1000-denier, low-wicking fabric, providing superior strength, stability, and flexibility over the long haul. In addition, Flexion features natural fire resistance, easy maintenance, and favorable life cycle costing. Combine all these built-in features with years of proven performance and excellent sales support from Conklin and you have an investment with unsurpassed cost-effectiveness. With Flexion, you’re protected against the worst mother nature can dish out.

This single-ply roofing system is devised for structures that support lightweight roof assemblies and can be applied over a number of different types of roof decks.

You save HVAC energy costs by reflecting as much as 84% of the sun’s heat. And the ENERGY STAR certification may make you eligible for tax benefits, depending on your location. Through this and lower maintenance requirements, the membrane could pay for itself within the warranty period.

A completed white commercial roofing project.

Application Process

Advantages Of Single Ply