Proven Roofing Systems

Our Conklin white roof systems (roofing systems developed by Conklin and applied by qualified roofers) have been proven and tested through torrential storms and hammering temperatures. Its’ durability has consistently impressed both our clients and ourselves. Our commercial roofing systems are both UV ray reflective and completely water-resistant! Even time seems to have a minute effect on our systems. Our coatings and reinforcement systems act as an impenetrable shield to all weather conditions as well as drastic temperature changes.

A completed commercial roofing project.

What It Does

Roof reflectivity graph.

As we said above, our systems act as a weather shield. It protects your roof from sudden temperature changes by reflecting almost all of the suns’ UV rays back into the atmosphere, allowing your roof to adjust to the change gradually. It also saves you money! By reflecting so much of the sun’s rays, it saves on indoor temperature control costs in a dramatic way. Maintenance costs are also reduced due to minimal/no damage from the elements or unfortunate accidents.

Our Expertise

Our systems may be special but it takes skilled experience to apply correctly in order to maximize the system’s full ability. If you click the button below you will see that I, the owner of Show Me Commercial Roofing, have grown up in the roofing/construction industry with my five brothers. I have been taught from an early age what works and what doesn’t. From basic or advanced roofing tactics to making the right hiring choices for my crew. I know what to look for, and I have been acting on this knowledge over the years to the benefit of our clients!

A completed white roof restoration project.

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